A Hippie Dog is a Happy dog!

Give it Up, Gerry Bundle

Give it Up, Gerry Bundle

Is your dog a guarder of toys, food, or even spaces? The “Give it Up, Gerry Bundle” addresses resource guarding behavior in dogs, focusing on positive reinforcement techniques to encourage sharing and reduce protective reactions.

This package aims to create a more peaceful and cooperative atmosphere in your home.

3 sessions - $400

What's Included:

  • Resource Guarding Assessment: Initial evaluation to identify the specific guarding behaviors of your dog.
  • Positive Reinforcement Training: Techniques to teach your dog that relinquishing control can lead to rewards.
  • Preventive Strategies: Methods to prevent the development or escalation of guarding behaviors.


  • Promote a safer environment for both pets and family members.
  • Encourage positive behaviors and reduce guarding incidents.
  • Foster a more relaxed and harmonious relationship with your dog.


  • 3 sessions – $400

Say goodbye to guarding and hello to generosity. The Give it Up, Gerry Bundle will guide you through transforming possessive behavior into cooperative habits, ensuring peace and positivity reign in your home.

Our Other Packages

Hippie Dog is a Happy Dog

Hippie Dog is a Happy Dog

A groovy pooch is a happy pooch, man! We’re here to help you and your furry friend live that peace and love life. From chowing down on wholesome grub to taking special supplements and vibing out together, we’ll help you see your pooch as more than just a pet. These dogs have souls, feelings, and thoughts of their own!

3 sessions - $350

Rescue and Adoption Package

Rescue & Adoption Package

Are you eyeing that fluffy bundle of love or already enjoying the company of a happy-go-lucky pooch? Bow-wow! We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re a rookie or a pro, we’re here to ensure your furry friend has a wag-static welcome in your home. Let’s get to know your pup and craft a customized plan to help them feel right at home!

3 sessions - $350

Dogs Who Get Too Excited Getting Grounded Package

Getting Grounded

Is your young dog out of control? Jumping all over people, will not settle down, pushy or rude. What happened to your cute young puppy that was so nice and sweet? That fluff ball is now in its juvenile doggie development stage. The Getting Grounded package is for any dog that gets too excited or over aroused.

3 sessions - $350

Oh My Paws and Whiskers

Oh My Dogs & Whiskers

Oh my paws and whiskers! Do you have a new furry addition to your family and need to unite them with your current pets? Are you dealing with dog-cat snarls or fur-flying fights at home? Or maybe just some good old-fashioned doggy drama?

Look no further, we’re here to lend a helping paw!

3 sessions - $400

The Ultimate Doggie Survival Kit for Flying Solo

Survival Kit for Flying Solo

Puppy FOMO no more! We’ve got the ultimate Home Alone Package to turn those pleading puppy eyes into “I’ll be good, go ahead and go” tail wags! With just a few tweaks to your pet’s daily routine, we’ll guide you towards habits that make solo time a piece of cake. No more worrying about your furry friend feeling blue while you’re out & about.

3 sessions - $350

Doggos and kiddos combo

Doggos and Kiddos Combo!

Incoming baby and wondering how your furry BFF will react? Or just looking to add another pup to the squad? No need to fret, we’ve got your furry back! Not sure which dog breed would be a perfect fit?

No sweat, we’ve got all the doggy deets! Already juggling a pack of kids and pups, feeling like you’re running a circus?

3 sessions - $350

Dog Gone Berserker Package: Dogs with On Leash Fury - ahippiedog

Dog Gone Berserker

Is your furry buddy a walking ball of fury? Does he go berserk at the sight of other dogs, humans or even random objects during walks? Don’t worry, our team of experts can help you decode the reasons behind their on-leash madness and teach you how to transform your walks into a stroll in the park. Achieve Leash-Induced Doggie Meltdown Relief with Our “Dog Gone Berserker package.

5 sessions - $575

Nippy Nelly, Fearful Frank or Anxious Adeline: Bites and Shakes Package

Nippy Nelly, Fearful Frank

Is your furry friend acting more like a biting beast, a trembling timid, or a tense terror? Living with a dog who’s dealing with aggression, fear, or anxiety is beyond ruff. You’re probably sweating bullets, worried your pooch might snap at anyone. Or, perhaps it’s already happened. Fear not! We have the tricks to soothe their fears and help them feel more at ease creating a joyful life for both of you.

5 sessions - $575

How to Dog?

Not seeing a package that fits your needs or do you just want general manners work or maybe you got a new puppy and want to start them off right. Let’s leave the packages to those needing specific behavior help and dive into group training classes.

Feeling lost?

Schedule a Meet the Trainer consult call for a personalized guide to the perfect package for your furry friend.

45-minute initial consultation to find out what behavior issues your dog is having and to steer you in the right direction on how to get started.

Zoom or in-person at our clinic location. Your dog does not need to be present for this consultation, but they can join if you feel the need.

As Hippie Dog approached its milestone tenth anniversary this year, we stand at the threshold of significant transformations on the horizon.

Stay tuned and join us in the evolution of dog training

As Hippie Dog approached its milestone tenth anniversary this year, we stand at the threshold of significant transformations on the horizon.

Stay tuned and join us in the evolution of dog training