A Hippie Dog is a Happy dog!

Private Dog Behavior Help & Private Dog Training

We can help with:

Behavior Problems


Puppy Training

We solve behavior & training problems - and help prevent them!

A happy well-behaved dog, who is a joy to be around life long. You come to us and we help you and your dog one-on-one. Private training lessons are great for anyone who enjoys the process of dog training and wants to be actively involved.  

We think of all aspects of the animal in regards to the training and/or behavior issues – body, mind and soul.  We use the holistic approach to come up with creative approaches to the conflicts you are having with your pet.

Together we will bridge the gap between you & your dog, respecting your dog’s thoughts, feelings and fears to work: Body, Mind & Soul into solutions you are both happy with.

We use only positive dog friendly, reward based training!  At Hippie dog it’s all about love not war with your pooch!

How It All Works

(We offer both remote & in-person clinic sessions)

Click Book Online here on our website or
E-mail: Training@ahippiedog.com or call 612-701-7217 to be on your way toward a well mannered dog!

60 minutes.
(Remote or in-person at the clinic location in Richfield)

All training and behavior programs begin with an in-depth consultation where we evaluate your dog and determine your behavior/training goals. We then design a treatment or training plan that will get the results you want and agree on a schedule.  You will be given one of our specialty packages based on your case.  
*If your dog has serious behavioral concerns, you will need to book with Inga remotely. 

60 minutes each 
(We will guide you to our discounted training and/or behavior specialty packages based on our expert advice at your initial consult based on your individual case needs).  

The number of sessions depend on your training goal, but most common manners problems can be addressed in 3 or 4 sessions (deeply ingrained behavior issues take longer).

Training Locations:

In-clinic appointments

ValueCare Vet, 1515 E 66th St. RichfieldMN 55423.

Outdoor appointments

Veterans Memorial Park, 6335 Portland Ave, Richfield, MN 55423.
(April- Oct)

Remote appointments

Inga only sees new clients remotely for the initial consult.  You will need to book with her if your dog is having serious behavioral concerns