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Dog Behavior Consulting Services

Adoption Help: Consulting Service

Are you thinking of getting a new dog and want to make sure the dog is safe & a good choice for your lifestyle and environment?

Having worked in the shelter/animal behavior field for over 10 years, Inga From at Hippie Dog, can give you the answers you seek.

With so many dogs adopted & then surrendered because they weren’t a good match, clients will be thrilled to get expert help from Hippie Dog in selecting their new dog.

Consulting service includes, meeting your family and setting, searching for you, as well as temperament evaluating of any dog that you are interested in. A temperament evaluation is similar to a personality test in people. It can tell you what the dog will most likely act like in many situations to a high probability. It can tell you if the dog has a tendency towards aggression or resource guarding. It can tell you whether the dog is a good choice for a home with children or a home that has children visiting often.

Finding a good canine match will be easier on your end, as you will have some kind of behavior information to go over before you choose to adopt or buy. Some shelters and most rescues and/or breeders do not assess dogs for temperament/behavior issues. This is where Hippie Dog’s expertise will be helpful.

There are many great family dogs in shelters and rescues across the country. Consider adoption as your first choice.

You’re set on buying from a breeder. No problem. Hippie Dog can help you find the best puppy to suit your needs. Responsible dog owners go to responsible and reputable breeders. Do you know who these breeders are?

Package A

  • Consult by e-mail/phone
  • Searching (up to three months)
  • Temp assessment
  • Follow up by phone/e-mail for 1 month

Package B

  • In-home consult (to meet the family/kids and household setting)
  • Searching (up to three months)
  • I will accompany you to meet the dog and you can be present for the temp assessment
  • One In-home follow up

Package C

  • In-home consult (to meet the family/kids and household setting)
  • Searching (up to three months)
  • I will accompany you to meet the dog and you can be present for the temp assessment
  • Up to two months of follow up by way of e-mail/phone
  • Two private training session post adoption

Cannot find a package to fit your needs.  Let me know and we can customize one just for you.

Dog Related Business Staff Training

Who can benefit from dog related business staff training?

* Doggie Daycare Staff
* Dog Groomers
* Utility and Public Works Crews 
* Police Departments
* Veterinary Clinic Staff

Lessen insurance claims & improve safety for all staff & animals in your care with professional behavior help.

Hippie Dog can assist your business in better serving your clients with staff training on a variety of topics.

* Reading canine body language to stay safe for all employees.

* How to run effective, safe & fun doggie daycare play sessions

* How to introduce new dogs

* Safe handling of fearful, stressed or potentially aggressive dogs.

*Consulting your business on any dog behavior & training issues.

Stand out from the crowd!  Let your clients know that all your staff have had professional training with Hippie Dog.

Hippie Dog can customize a package just for your business.

We do offer discounted package deals.

Animal Shelter & Rescue Consultant

Animal shelters & rescues often struggle to find the necessary resources for staff & volunteer training, and finding the time to stay current on new research and trends can be a challenge.  Hippie Dog can customize training and seminars to fit your time and budget.

Training both animal staff and volunteers is one of the best investments any organization can make!

Topics include:

* Reducing & Recognizing Stress in Shelter/Rescue Dogs & Cats
* Dog to Dog Introduction Training
* Enrichment Programs for Dogs & Cats
 * How to Start a Dog Training Program for Your Rescue/Shelter
* Behavior Modification in the Rescue/Shelter
* Solving Common Behavior
* Canine Behavior Assessments
* Reading canine body language to stay safe for all staff & volunteers
 * Surrender Profiles for Rescue/Shelters

Why Hippie Dog?

-Inga at Hippie Dog, specializes in shelter/rescue dogs. She has worked in shelter settings for over 10 years.
-Five of those years were spent at the Minnesota Valley Humane Society where she served as the expert for the shelter in behavior and training.
-Updating of temperament evaluations of shelter dogs & changing how they are used.
-Launching the ASPCA’s Meet Your Match Canine-ality program.
-Behavioral & environmental enrichment for shelter dogs (S.T.A.R.) the shelter dog training program to decrease stress and increase adoptability.
-Staff training on dog-to-dog introductions to increase possibilities of those wanting to adopt with multi-dog households
-Educational programs for staff, volunteers, and the general public on animal-behavior-related topics.

Inga can customize training and seminars to fit your non-profit’s time and budget.